The Avitas Systems Solution.

The first end-to-end solution offering enhanced robotic-based autonomous inspection with digital inspection data warehousing, advanced analytics, and intelligent scheduling integrated with GE inspection services across multiple sectors.

  • Inspection-as-a-managed-service by GE-certified technicians.
  • Automated testing with state-of-the-art inspection tools such as robotic crawlers, UAVs, AUVs.
  • Ingestion and support for diverse inspection sensor data formats and inputs.
  • Data fusion across operations, maintenance, inspection, and regulatory inputs.
  • Scalable data storage and warehousing on GE’s Predix cloud platform.
  • Predictive analytics for targeted, risk-based inspection scheduling.
  • Advanced reporting tools and integration with your existing RBI, EAM/SAP management, and reporting systems.
  • A web-based portal that provides secure, 24/7 access to your global inspection data from anywhere.

Boost your

Reduce inspection time and cost with annual inspection savings up to 25% and decreased turnaround times and intervals.

Improve safety and

Decrease human risk and improve accuracy through automation. Powerful reporting tools help you meet complex regulatory requirements.

Increase asset and
operational efficiency

With smarter maintenance through use of predictive analytics and risk-based inspection.

Inspection Services

  • Inspections by certified GE inspectors using state-of-the-art automated tools: UAVs, AUVs, robotic crawlers, and digital sensors.
  • Diverse inspection sensor kits targeted by industry and optimized for up/mid/downstream sectors.
  • Inspection planning workflow, asset inventory management, and 3-D modeling to facilitate high fidelity and autonomous testing.

Web Portal

  • Customized dashboards based on user type with KPIs for viewing inspection data and reports.
  • Support for streaming video media playback.
  • A range of widgets, chart options, data-drill down, and customizable alert thresholds.
  • Asset topology and network level asset maps.
  • Advanced analytics and workbench.
  • Inspection and workflow planning.
  • Out-of-box standard and ad-hoc reports.

Avitas Systems’ data and image analytics drives resource and workflow optimization. Advance from time-based to more efficient risk-based inspection, from reactive to predictive asset repair.